Politico: Facebook and Instagram may go offline in EU this summer

Facebook and Instagram may go offline in the European Union this summer, political site Politico concludes. Ireland’s data regulator has sent a proposal to other regulators to block Meta from forwarding data to the US.

Forwarding data from Facebook and Instagram to the U.S. may be against European regulations, writes Politico. The Irish Data Protection Commission has sent the proposal to block the transit of data to the US to all other European regulators. Those now have a month to give their input.

If regulators force Meta to stop storing European user data on U.S. servers, that presumably means Facebook and Instagram will go offline in Europe. Meta herself said that a few months agoso said. Whether that actually happens will have to be seen if regulators stick with their proposed blockade. The company said in February have no intention to leave Europe. It is unclear whether WhatsApp would continue to function.

In the meantime, the regulations for data exchange between Europe and the US advanced. The previous Privacy Shield was punctured by the European courts in 2020 and shot. The thorny issue was how the US handles the protection of personal data and how their surveillance plays a role in it. Exactly what Privacy Shield 2.0 will look like and whether judges will agree to it remains to be seen.

Facebook service interruption


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