VOIP & Telephony

Hello? HELLOOOO?! Say goodbye to poor phone connection with your own low-cost Voice-Over-IP PBX. Perfect for the office or when working from home. This keeps you accessible everywhere both on the road and at work. No more fussing with system configurations or vpn. Take your work phone home, plug it in and you’re online.

Always accessible wherever you are


Always stay accessible wherever you are


Plug in, internet available and we are off !


Always expandable, always available, even when working from home


Easy connection to your own devices


Your own VOIP PBX. Easy in setup, low in cost.

A flexible solution for all your communication needs. New employee? New service that needs an additional number? Prefer an additional hotkey directly to your colleague on your device? No problem. With Voice-Over-IP, calling over the Internet, changes are online in seconds!

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